Top 10 hot female politicians

Politics is boring, or at least can be. Some makes it just a tiny bit more interesting. These 10 politicians from around the world makes boring legislation something you can wank to.


10. Anna-Maria Galonjan

Former Estonian politician. Made an appearance on the cover off Playboy in 2009. She might be the only politician to ever do that.


9. Elizabeth Halseth

Republican member of the Nevada State senate. We really dig her because she showed up on the pages of Maxim in a bikini.


8. Sabine Uitslag

She successfully participated in the Dutch edition of The Voice, but also held a seat in the dutch parlament for the Christian Democratic party.


7. Nicole Minetti

Italian, and therefore also a part of scandal. Turned out that she was running a succesful prostitution business.


6. Orly Levy

Member of the Israel parlament Knesset. She was a model and tv-host before she followed in her fathers footsteps and became a politician.


5. Eva Kaili

She also is a former greek model, that was elected for the greek parlament. Later on the was elected for the European Parlament, and not only that, but was elected the vice-president of the European parlament.


4. Ruby Dhalla

Former member of the Canadian House of commons. Elected as the first ever sikh woman.


3. Alejandra Campoverdi

She served under president Obama. One think is certain, good thing she didn’t serve under Clinton. She worked in the White House, mainly on health issues. And she sure looks healthy.


2. Maria Carfagna

Former showgirl, model and lawyer. Thats some resume right there. She is also a succesful Italian politician, and haven’t even been to jail yet.


1. Sanna Marin

At the top of the list, can be no other than the Primeminister of Suomi Finland. Sanna Marin not only holds power, she holds hot! I don’t know what the people of Finland did to deserve a beautiful woman like this to lead them, but by God she is welcome to lead me.

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