We like big butts and we can not lie!

“I like big butts and I can not lie!.  We all know the lyrics. But why are we attracted to women butts? Why do we get turned on by looking at a girls ass? It finds its roots in evolutionary psychology.


We like ass because women makes life.

When a woman gets pregnant there is a significant change in the body. Women get a fuller butt, making them ready and able for  a succesful birth. A woman with awell proportioned, is a woman that will deliver the mands offspring. So we pick woman with good ass.

Why is it we want more than to look?

What makes a woman capable of giving birth is however not the only thing that makes us hot for DAT ASS. We don’t just want to look at us, most of us wonna fuck it. Why is that? Unless your the biggest man down there, chances you’ll thrust trough and make her pregnant trough the backdoor is zero!

The reason anal penetration

The pleasure of having analsex can be explained based on physiology alone, but that is not the main reason we want to fuck women up the ass. When a man enters the hole in the back, the woman is way more fragile, which makes it intense, she has to trust you. Also it is and will always be a bit of a tabu, which makes it more dirty and hot.

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