Alizee – the french popsensation

Alizée Jacotey was discovered on a french talentshow called Graines de star. She quickly moved on to become one of the most popular popstars in her homeland France. She later on became a global popsensation. Performing on shows like the legendary BBC Top of The Pops. Being beautiful extremely hot, she has had our attention for years.


Her Pop singing career

She pushed the limits for what a popsinger can do, not only in her performance, but in her lyrics as well. The hit song “Moi… Lolita” is just one example of many. She is, according to IFPI, one of the best selling artist of the 00’s. She has released six albums.



With the succes as a pop artist, she also rose to fame in general. She has appeared in numerous TV-shows. She was on the French edition of dancing with the stars. Her charming smile, winning personality and willingness to show her goodies to the public, has one many hearts This hot performance live on French TV from 2003, is just one example of how she spellbound men across the world:

The Global succes for Alizee

Besides global hits, she has been one the hearts of the Latin Music world as well. Though she is french, in every sense of the word, her dancing, festive music and hot looks has earned her a spot on that scene as well.
All that combines puts her in place with some of the biggest popmusicians the last 25 years.

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