Rachel Riley – Brains and boobs and body

Rachel Riley is a british TV-presenter, mathematician and extremely hot woman. Comedian Jimmy Carr has best described how hot she is. He said “I would crawl over broken glass, to suck the cock of the last man she had sex with.” I can’t find any better words for it myself! She is unbelievably beautiful, she has humour, is smart and simply the perfect body.


She is married to some russian dude, and we dont like him. Not because he is russian, but because he gets to have sex with Rachel and thats not fair.

All her mathskills are rather cool actually, and we must admit that brains are kinda sexy too. Only problem is that it somehow seems harder to score someone that actually has an IQ.

Her intelligence also shines trough in her sense of humour. It is one thing that she can laugh at the funny shit Jimmy Carr says on Countdown, but she throws in jokes herself.

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