Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones has to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Yes she has stunned us all with how hot she is, how sexy her body is and how horny looking at her boobs will make you. But all that comes together in a perfect cocktail, her face is so beautiful it hurts.


Catherine Zeta-Jones may be a Welsh person. Initial came to prominence once she marked within the UK TV series The Darling Buds of could. She presently lives in island together with her husband, the actor Douglas and their 2 youngsters.

Catherine Zeta-Jones began playacting as a toddler. Connexion the performance company of her native Catholic congregation. Her skilled debut came once she took the lead role in Annie at the Grand Theatre in city. At the age of fourteen. Paddy Dolenz auditioned her for a task within the trousers Game and offered her the prospect of connexion the show for the rest of the tour.

By the age of eighteen, Catherine letter of the alphabet Jones was playacting in forty second Street, taking part in Peggy Sawyer and he or she conjointly landed a task in Kurt Weill’s Street Scene, taking part in Mae Jones, at the London bowl.

Zeta Jones’ film Diamond Statebut came once she traveled to France and marked in Philippe de Broca’s 1001 Nights.

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