Tina Karol – most beautiful voice of Ukraine

It has been over a year that Putin, that psychopathic faggot, attacked Ukraine, a free independent and wonderful country. We continue paying attention to the horror of this sick man, by celebrating one of the most talentet, beautiful and yes… outragesly sexy hot woman Tina Karol.  

Kirsten Dunst a sort of Trinity thing

Kirsten Dunst is a model. She is also a well known succesful actress. And then she is a singer. So she has this threesome going on. She has charm like few, and her look alone will make you shiver. Her bosom is generous and makes her so sexually attractive, that she should never sleep alone. […]

Jamie Lynn-Sigler

Jamie Lynn-Sigler was Meadow Soprano in the gigantic TV-Hit The Sopranos. She is however also a great singer. Being of cuban decent, she comes off as this awesome looking dark latino babe. And to be honest, she is just so naturally beautiful it ain’t right.

The artist/singer known as JoJo

JoJo born Joanna Levesque, is a succesful american R&B artist. She is out of a musical family. Her father being a blues singer and guitarist, and her mom being a choir singer. Her career started in several talentshows on TV before she found her own way. We found her the right way, ready for whatever […]

Shakin’ Shakira

Shakira has been around for some time, shaking her booty. From being a latinomusic phenomenon, she benefitted from the general focus on latinomusic trough the 90s. Along with a shift in trends towards focus on booty and butts, she became an international megastar. She was hot, still is, and she has that behind we like. […]

Jennifer Lopez – Queen of Ass

She has spawned more anal sex fantasies than any other woman in earth. She has been doing that for more than 25 years, and to this day she excites the crowd with her legendary booty. Jennifer Lopez, J-Lo to us friends, is the icon of ass, the symbol of sexy butts. It is one thing […]

Melissa Benoist

Melissa Benoist took on a leading role in the music-something Glee, and most of us flee. Well, we turned down the sound on the TV an took a LOOK instead. Melissa being absolutely gorgeous. Born in Texas, and growing up in Denver, she is as american as can be. Gee I wonder if she is […]

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is as dirty as she looks. She wants it, and she wants it rough. A historic good singer, amazing looks, and always on the very edge of actually being a porn model. Fueling our already depraved mind and fantasy, with visions of how, where and when, how much, how hard. She started out, […]

Jessica Simpson – wish I was that car

Jessica Simpson should be in all kinds of all of fames. Why? Because she kinda had sex with a car on video from The Duke of Hazards. So why is that something? Are you plain stupid? Hot blond body, muscle car, all that is good in life. Oh yeah, and lets not forget, playing along […]

Selena Gomez – top actress and top singer

Selena Gomez started out as a child star. Her big break was when she was signed by Disney Channel in 2007. She also has a singing career. With the band Selena Gomez & The Scene, she released three albums. All three albums reached top 10 on the Billboard 200. She has stunning looks that you […]