Christina Hendricks because BOOBS

Christina Hendricks has the biggest boobs in showbizz. Have we alle seen them? Yes! Have we had a post with her before? Yes! Isn’t it like we have seen enough of her now? NO! How can anyone get tired of looking at books like that? It is impossible. Yes their are different taste when it […]

We like big butts and we can not lie!

“I like big butts and I can not lie!.  We all know the lyrics. But why are we attracted to women butts? Why do we get turned on by looking at a girls ass? It finds its roots in evolutionary psychology.   We like ass because women makes life. When a woman gets pregnant there […]

Hendricks mix

Made famous in the role as Joan Holloway in Madmen, but clearly made just as famous for perhaps the most amazing tits, and hourglassshaped body in newer TV history.Her red hair, green eyes, breathtaking ass and breasts like a goddess is the entire package of mature sexyness.