Emily “Put One in Hole” Faulkner

Emily Caitlin Faulkner is supposedly a good semi and/or professional golfplayer. Guess what? We don’t really care about her skills on the course, we care about her being showing off her body instead. Graduate from Florida, and majoring in Pre-med. Her ambition, beyond golf, is to go all the way playing docotor. We approve. She […]

Danica “Drive my stick” Patrick

Danica Sue Patrick born in 1982. A hot United States of America professional nascar driver. She is hot as you probably can see. Owns a vineyard. Latest rumors is that she is single. Lets go go go!

Eugenie Bouchard – Oh yeah, and the plays tennis.

Grand Slam winner, and trible times grand slam finalist… but more important, she is the hottest Canadian since Shania Twain, and when she appeared in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, men, boys, elder men all over the globe where wanking there brains out, fantasising about her.

Puck Moonen the Bike Babe

I’ve always enjoyed cycling, on television that is, and especially The Tour de France. But who would have thought that you could get in any way interested in womens cycling? Well… for other reasons than the actual cycling, Puck Moonen is all the reason you need to sit down with a box of cleanex and […]