Rachael Carpani made McLeods Daughters bearable to watch

Maybe you had a sister, a mom or a girlfriend that was totally into the Aussie Tv-series McLeods Daughters. Is it so, well then you’ve probably been forced to sit trough hours of not that fun soap-shit. BUT… Daughters indicate actresses, one of them being Rachael Carpani. Her innocent looks, teasing playfull attitude, hot sexy […]

Sarah Rafferty

Sarah Rafferty is looking at you. She is smiling. Her lips, her cleavage, her eyes invites you. She is a seductive devil! She is stunning, beautiful and so sexy its illegal, and she should know, playing so many parts related to law and legal issues.

Mary-Louise Parker is our favorit pusher.

Mary-Louise Parker has played in may movies and TV-series. None made us as horny as when she was a drugdealing widow mom in Weeds. Her natural amazing beautiful appearance is always a pleasure to watch. In Weeds she took it a notch further being provocative, sexual and hot. She can send you this combined really […]

Kirsten Dunst a sort of Trinity thing

Kirsten Dunst is a model. She is also a well known succesful actress. And then she is a singer. So she has this threesome going on. She has charm like few, and her look alone will make you shiver. Her bosom is generous and makes her so sexually attractive, that she should never sleep alone. […]

Jennifer Morrison played doctor

And we think Jennifer Morrison always should be playing doctor, or nurse, we are openminded. So why is that? Well, if you ever saw the Hit TV-series House, you realised that this was not some chick flick like Greys what ever anatomy. This was hardcore fun, do to the main character being bitter the right […]

Staci Keanan aka Dana Foster from Step by Step

Staci Keanan was the oldest sister in the Sitcom Step by Step. In the series it was the middlesister Angela Watson taken the focus on looks, but let’s be honest. Staci was already a grown up, and always a really beautiful woman.

As it clearly shows she is not only cute and pretty, but actually rather hot too.

Bryce Dallas (Ron) Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard is a redhed, ALL Ginger! And we really dig that! She also have a generous body, real curves like real women have. She is not some tiny skinny butt, she has an ass to party with. Boobs to play with. She was born for greatness, being the daughter of famous movie director […]

Dana Delany Delight

Dana Delany is a delight to watch. A pleasure to follow, an obsession worthy. She is a two time Emmy award winning actress. She is a producer, and she is really REALLY hot and sexy. And yes, People Magazine, amongst others, have had her in Top 10 of most beautiful people, we agree! She is […]

Abigail Spencer has the hottest long legs.

Abigail Leigh Spencers first role was as Rebecca in the Daytime Soap All my children. Abigail also showed up in Suits, Grey’s Anatomi and Mad Men. This makes her a well established TV-star and celeb. She is known to be a close friend to Meghan Markle aka The Duchess of Sussex. Abigail Spencer is not […]

Jamie Lynn-Sigler

Jamie Lynn-Sigler was Meadow Soprano in the gigantic TV-Hit The Sopranos. She is however also a great singer. Being of cuban decent, she comes off as this awesome looking dark latino babe. And to be honest, she is just so naturally beautiful it ain’t right.