Tara “Bunny Lebowski” Reid

Yes, Tara Reid didn’t rise to fame with the notorious American Pie movies. She did in fact play a part in the most epic movie ever dude, The Big Lebowski. She can pee on my rug any time!

Tara Reid was given oral pleasure in The American Pie 1, and we have actually not done much than to associate her with sex ever since. And frankly we don’t intend to stop, cause she is just simply gorgeous.

Born in 1975 in New Jersey, and a typical american, being a mix of irish, hungarian, french and italian roots. What ever was thrown into the genepool that created Tara Reid, one thing is certain, it was done well. We would not hesitate a second if we got the chance to bread on her, or at least try. And try and keep trying forever.

She has been a really productive actress, appearing in almost 40 movies. Lucky for us, and all other men with a taste for beauty, she has been in several photoshoots.

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