Shannen Doherty half of the Minnesota Twins

Shannen Doherty became famous as one of the Minnesota Twins in Beverly Hills 90210. The Tv-series became an icon for its time, and a global succes. As Brandons twin-sister, Shannen filled the position as Brenda successfully. She left the show as one of the first bigger stars, living room for the sexiest woman in the world, Tiffany Thiessen.

In Beverly she was not all nice, but almost behaved. In real life? She was a disaster! Or a we call it, an opportunity! She was and is dirty and hot.

She was NOT born in Minnesota. She was burn in Memphis Tennessee. A legendary city, just as she has become legendary. Oh by the way! Did you know that her first TV-debut was in The Little House on the Prairie?

Oh yeah she was in Playboy, so here are a couple of Bonus pics:

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