Jennifer Lopez – Queen of Ass

She has spawned more anal sex fantasies than any other woman in earth. She has been doing that for more than 25 years, and to this day she excites the crowd with her legendary booty. Jennifer Lopez, J-Lo to us friends, is the icon of ass, the symbol of sexy butts.

It is one thing to have THAT ASS on a photo. But J Lo’t butt can also move. Press on these anigifs to watch Jennifer Lopez ass shaking.

Admit that the idea of “disappearing” or “sinking” in too that butt, just might be the most lustful thought you have had all year.

She is Jenny from the block, and should be J Lo on my cock.

Jennifer Lopez has been married a couple of times. She has children. Working as an actress also, and not just singer. She is, according to Forbes, the richest latino in Hollywood.

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