Jennifer Lawrence of Amazing

Jennifer Lawrence won an Academy award, an Oscar. That is something. But it is so crazy that she did at when she was only 22 years old! Most people got to know her from Hunger Games, and lets be brutally honest, that ass in those pants! And the final scene in the last movie, sitting mind blowingly cute in the grass? Yes you fell in love and got extremely horny.

She was the highest paying actress in the World, in two consecutive years 2015 an 2016. She has committed motherhood, and took a break off the screen back in 2019, but is now back on NetFlix.

It literally broke the internet when a secret sextape of her was released. Unlike other celebs embracing it, making fun of it, the fought against it legally.

She was born on the 15 of august 1990 in the state of Kentucky. Early on wanted to be an actress, taking classes, playing all kinds of small parts. Eventually her family and her moved to Los Angeles. She and her husband Cooke Maroney recently became parents.

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