Jenna Fisher

Jenna Fischer is an american actress that found her way to fame playing Pam Beesly in The Office. She did have minor parts in movies and TV-series before that, like in SpinCity.

Jenna was fighting hard for many years, getting out of minor roles and into bigger roles. Her way to stardom is not the usual. Often we see young actresses starting on Nickelodeon, Disney etc. and moving on to a singing or acting career. Jenna came with no platform and for years, she took almost any just small part for just getting by financially. In the early years she even worked as a receptionist while taking roles for almost no pay.

She often fought against Alyson Hannigan and even Jennifer Garner for parts at auditions, but for many many years always lost to them. We are happy she is finally famous to see for us all, cause she is simply so charmning, not to mention superhot and sexy.

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