Das Stacy Dash

She os over 50 years old… But don’t know how to tell ya the truth, but being sexy has no age.

Stacey Dash didn’t have the perfect American youth. Experiencing childhood in the South Bronx, her companions were the tricksters, hookers, and group individuals who battled despite purposelessness, who sold medications as opposed to living on food stamps, who settled issues with clench hands, blades, and weapons since it appeared their solitary alternative, who stood tall against broken dreams.

Run’s harsh childhood formed an amazing remainder—her connections, her legislative issues, even her confidence. She has perceived how traditionalist and liberal approaches happen in reality, and her encounters have made her the glad preservationist she is today.

That is the reason Stacey Dash, a Fox News giver and Hollywood on-screen character most popular for featuring in the 1995 great Clueless, is presently revealing to her story. In the midst of all the warmed racial way of talking and the troublesome language that streams from T.V., the Internet, self-delegated dark representatives, and even President Obama, Dash feels constrained to stand up and say something genuine regarding race, governmental issues, and America.

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