Cathrine Bell – makes you burn with desire

The first time I ever saw Catherine Bell, she was a guest on Letterman. I remember it so clearly, and afterwards I had no choice than to leave the livingroom at knock one off. How primitive is that? I don’t know and I really don’t care. Cause she is ALL woman, in the hottest sense of the word.

Later on I had the good fortune of discovering that Cathrine Bell had done a smoking hot sexscene in Hotline. I was in my primary teenage years. I successfully downloaded a 2.41 second captured clip from fidonet, and it was the best “porn” for years. And here is something special for you. The highest resolution capture I could find of Cathrine Bell having sex.

Look at that ass… don’t that just make you crazy? And that is her butt, her top feature is absolutely her boobs:

So is that the end of it? No not at all, cause we will never get tired of looking at Bell. Long legs, sexy smile and attitude.

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