Ana de Armas is spanish sexy sensation

Ana de Armas has not been getting enough attention, at least not the attention she deserves. She is a dark haired CRAZY hot looking babe. Her big dark eyes, seductive smile and amazing body, calls for attention. Originally from Cuba and with spanish roots, she is latinohot in every sense of the word.

She recently rose above minor parts in series and B-movies, appearing No time to die from 2019. She dated Ben Affleck for a while, but they split. We couldn’t care less, then on the other hand, we can keep up the teenager like fantasy of getting our hands on her.

Although she is this cuban/spanish black haired beauty, she has recently taken on the role of playing the blondest of blonds you can be, Marilyn Monroe.

We just wonna say that no matter what movie or series she appears in, we will be there with one hand in our pocket, saluting.

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